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We use the cutting edge in machine learning to offer a suite of products and services to make your projects more efficient.
Accountant Records

Information Retrieval

Find the right information at the right time for improved processes.

Civil Engineer Surveying


Automatically identify failures, defects and anomalies before they become critical.

Construction Workers

Progress monitoring

Update project plans and designs automatically as your site conditions develop.

Construction Project

health & safety

Improve H&S practices by enabling remote working, identifying risks and investigating incidents.

Architects Planning

as built verification

Use scanner and drone data to compare drawings with reality to avoid incidents and comply with contracts.

Our algorithms are sensor agnostic, so we scale up easily by using data from a wide range of sources.



Learn more about how we supported Shell Polymers’ construction megaproject in Pennsylvania with a tailored solution that automatically detected inaccuracies in the as-built documentation by comparing it against the geo-spatial data developed from drone imagery.


Drone are used by asset management organisation to capture aerial data using RGB, lidar and infrared technologies.

Security Camera


Both still and video cameras mounted on assets capture imagery that is uploaded to the cloud on a regular basis

Surveyor Engineer


Photogrammetry technology is used to capture 3D laser point scans of assets and buildings.

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